This is a snowflake….DUH…. 😀

You know, a LOT can be learned from a snowflake….it’s true!

Take this one, for example… see how delicate, how fragile, how BEAUTIFUL it truly is…?

Well…let me rant, and by the end of the rant you will be able to see it in a whole new light…

We never think on snowflakes much, do we…? Well…each one is formed through very specific sets of temperature, and atmospheric conditions. Certain elements have to be present to make a humble snowflake…the right conditions, temperature, air quality, moisture density….yep…a LOT of creation went into this simple thing.

And yet…. look closely at it..how delicate..how fragile…how unique it is from the other ones…

See how it lay there atop the other snowflakes? See how it presents itself without getting ‘lost in the crowd’ but enhancing the beauty of the others around it? See how it does the other snowflakes no harm, yet strengthens the community of other snowflakes?

When a snowflake is formed, it takes on a singular, and distinctive shape all it’s own.

There can be TRILLIONS of other snowflakes formed alongside it, and it is UNIQUE in it’s shape and texture.

It falls gently down on the wind, gliding with intent and purpose, and yet does not know it’s final destination.

It knows it WILL land SOMEWHERE, yet it does not give notice to the things around it. I mean, it could land in water, and be melted instantly, or it could be destined to fall on top of a very tall building, where it could be the ONLY one to land in that location.

It glides along…serene…calm…peacefully…until it settles and serves it’s purpose of it’s creation.

Now, some may say “Yeah, but snow is just snow”…WRONG!!!

Snow serves it’s purpose to replenish the water of the earth..to give LIFE to this planet….I mean, where would we all be if there was no water?!?!?

This small and seemingly ineffectual snowflake could be the beginning of a lake…or a stream…or a flood.

It ENHANCES the other snowflakes around it…it supports them, and is supported BY them until such time as they deem it needed to be useful to even MORE snowflakes and create (or destroy) what is around it.

This snowflake could be the one that creates an avalanche somewhere high atop a mountain and sends a ton of OTHER snowflakes cascading down to a parched and barren plain that is in dire need of water to sustain life.

It could destroy a city, or cause the grow of a forest…it could collapse a building, or be built into a house for some poor person trapped in the cold…keeping them alive until rescue comes..insulating them against the cold and making it’s purpose useful.

Consider this: YOU are just like this snowflake.

Oh yes…don’t shake your head just yet…wait for it….wait for it….

You are UNIQUE like this snowflake…yet there are BILLIONS of other ‘snowflake people’ just like you on this hunk of floating rock.

YOU could be the catalyst that causes a FLOOD of social change, or you could be the one snowflake out there who quenches the thirst of a parched soul.

YOU have the power to be unique and useful, just like this snowflake.

And let’s not forget the BEAUTY of this simple structure…you too are delicate, fragile, and easily broken…but given the right catalyst, you could be the barrier that stops society in it’s tracks! (Need I remind you of the Donner Party?…no…didn’t think so..)

You can create, or destroy…and yet, UNLIKE the snowflake, YOU are in control of your actions.

Every time you get angry at others around you…every time you lash out about something silly…every time you rage at someone, you are breaking down their beauty..THEIR soul.

You are meant to ENHANCE those around you, SUPPORT those around you, MAKE THEM see the beauty of themselves, just as God has made YOU beautiful so too are THEY.

While some may dispute my theory, I would like to think that one snowflake CAN make a difference…even if it lands somewhere it does not want to be, it can STILL do it’s part.

Ever just stand there and WATCH snow fall? The feeling of calm…serenity….peace?

It does not rage about social issues…it does not take sides in politics…it does not decry others around it for not adhering to a “set” purpose or goal…it merely floats it’s way to where ALL THE OTHER snowflakes will eventually go…and in the spring, when all is said and done, it melts away and becomes so valuable that people around that area will say (when the heat is all around them, and life seems bleak) “Man…I miss the snow”.

So too it is YOUR job to give those same emotions to all around you. To be be the ONE SNOWFLAKE that guides the others around you to acceptance of their lives, their beauty, and their purpose.

Not everyone appreciates snow, yet everyone seems happy when the first snowfall of the year occurs…I know…weird, right?!?!?

Realise your own unique pattern, your own unique purpose, and ENHANCE those around you with your peace and serenity, and I can promise you you will UNDERSTAND what I mean…and if someone asks you when a situation of social or political anger occurs, and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon shouting and screaming at each other: “Why are you always so peaceful? Why are you not all angry at this situation?” you can reply with a calm voice:

“Because…I’m a snowflake”…




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