Commentary on The Reading of the day provided by : 
Saint Bernard (1091-1153),

Cistercian monk and doctor of the Church
5th sermon for Christmas Eve

“The glory of the Lord shone around them”

Before the true light rose, before the birth of Christ, night shrouded the whole world.

Night reigned in each one of us, too, before our conversion and inner rebirth.

Was it not deepest night, the most thick darkness over the earth when our ancestors used to worship false gods?…

And was there not another kind of dark night within ourselves when we were living without God in this world, following our passions and earthly desires, doing those things that now make us blush as being so many deeds of darkness?…

But now you have come out of your sleep, you have been sanctified, have become children of light, children of the day, and no longer of darkness or of the night (1Thes 5,5)…

“Tomorrow you will see the majesty of God in your midst.”

Today, the Son has become for us the righteousness come from God; tomorrow he will be revealed as our life that we may appear with him in glory.

Today a child has been born for us to keep us from vaunting ourselves in vainglory and so that, by our repentance, we may become like little children (Mt 18,3).

Tomorrow he will show himself in all his greatness to stir us up to praise, so that we, too, may be glorified and praised when God bestows on each one of us his glory…

“We shall be like him because we shall see him as he is” (1Jn 3,2).

For today we do not actually see him as he is but as in a mirror (1Cor 13,12).

Now he receives what belongs to us, but tomorrow we will see him within ourselves when he gives us what belongs to him, when he reveals himself as he is and take us up to raise us up to him.

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