Isaac the Syrian (7th century), monk near Mosul,

saint of the Orthodox churches
Discourse, 1st series, no.30

“The kingdom of God is among you”

Thanksgiving and the gratitude of the receiver encourages the giver to give yet more. But someone who does not say ‘thank you’ for the smallest of things can only be a liar and unjust in great ones.

Someone who is sick and knows about his sickness is able to ask for healing; someone who acknowledges his suffering is close to healing and will easily find it…

Remember the fall of those who believed themselves strong and be humble in the midst of virtue…

Cast out your ‘self’ and your enemy will be cast at a distance.

Set yourself at peace and heaven and earth will fill you with peace.

Strive to enter into the treasure house of your heart and you will see the treasure house of heaven.

For both are the same thing; entering one you will see both.

The ladder to this Kingdom is within you, concealed in your soul.

Plunge within yourself to uncover your sins there: it is there that you will find the steps by which to raise yourself up… “The Kingdom of heaven is within you.”


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