Did you know that the concept of Peace is further away from us today than it ever has in the history of the world?

It is as foreign to us now as a concept than it ever has been.  I see nations tearing at nations throats for the most IDIOTIC of reasons. I see MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people’s lives destroyed…and for what? A political concept? A religious ideology? No…it all boils down to money and power….and FEAR

These conflicts start due to someone wanting more power than they are supposed to wield…case and point: Syria…

Or they start under a religious banner for “freedom” yet end up with someone putting themselves into a position of power or money and control over people’s lives….case and point EVERYWHERE ELSE.

Or they start in “retaliation” because some idiot wants to further their social/political/religious agenda so that the world will know they are there or they want to be taken “seriously”…

Do I take it seriously? YEP… I see them behaving like spoiled children, or schoolyard bullies pushing people about like so much gravel. I see them ALL stamping their feet, throwing themselves around and saying “LOOK AT ME”..or “THIS IS MINE”…or “THAT IS MINE TOO”…

Politics…*SIGH*… politicians say “it is right we should do this” and then they throw a flag of patriotism in the air trying to blanket the people into doing what THEY want…they send their sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles..everyone…to fight for this silly notion of politics. Do the PEOPLE benefit from these conflicts? NOPE. The only one’s who DO benefit are those sitting comfortably away, locked behind doors…people who have enough money to ensure THEY THEMSELVES never see a single body, or have to pull a trigger, or feel the guilt of what they have done.

I have yet to see a nation, in my lifetime, achieve a peace through war that brought prosperity to it’s people.  I have yet to see a people HAPPY that their ‘leaders’ ideals have made their lives better.

Instead we cower in fear of reprisal from someone who does not share our governments plan for “peace through victory” because it angers this fool or that one that we stuck our noses in.

I see religious war breaking out all over the world…

I see people acting like two children on a  playground….yes, for that is EXACTLY what it is in my eyes…two small minded children on a playground fighting over who’s invisible friend is better.

Can it be that we, as a people, are so ARROGANT as to believe that this way to worship is right, or that way is wrong? Can it possibly be that we have to pick up the nearest stick, or weapon, and repeatedly hurt others to show OUR way of faith is better or more right than someone else’s?

How can we stand there intimidating, or destroying other’s lives and say “our way is the way of God” when He CLEARLY said “LOVE ONE ANOTHER”..?

It is nothing more than ARROGANCE, STUPIDITY, IGNORANCE, and SELF PRIDE that makes us say “your way is wrong because it is not OUR way”.  PERIOD.

If we put as much energy into peace as we do war this world would already be reaching out to the stars and finding entire PLANETS where each faith, or political agenda, could have IT’S OWN WORLD, and not be fighting on THIS one.

If we spent as much money on PEACE instead of war, there would be no cancer, no HIV, no Leukemia…no disease…no hunger…no suffering.

If we spent as much on peace, instead of war, this planet would be a PARADISE. No deforestation, no energy problems, no food shortages, no global warming…no disease that we could not find a cure for….people would live, and let live, and HELP each other.

Let us suspend faith for a second, and realize the colder, TRUER fact that faces us…WE ARE A DYING PLANET. Every day a war rages the planet dies a little bit more..not just in numbers of people, but in ECOLOGY.  We are so busy looking at the war on our screens we forget that the ice caps are melting…the forests and foliage are disappearing…species are dying off that we NEED for our survival… what was once LUSH is now BARREN.

Deserts are becoming larger, forests smaller, food is growing less and less, our medications that aid us in resisting things like The Plague, or even chicken pox, are NO LONGER EFFECTIVE.

I will tell you what it all boils down to, ladies and gentlemen….FEAR…yes..FEAR. We fear not having enough land, or money, or goods..and then we get scared when someone else has MORE than we, or wants what WE have because they do not have enough for themselves and in desperation want to take ours.

It is not enough that others may worship differently, we become AFRAID that they will want US to worship as they do, so they decide to launch a war to make the world ONE religion…

History has taught them nothing….

In history there was a faith that wanted “one true faith” in the world, so they launched a FIVE HUNDRED YEAR WAR against it’s own people to destroy anything that was not of ‘it’s faith’…it was called THE INQUISITION…

Yes, THAT war. It started with the Cathar religion..then moved to it’s own people…then onto elsewhere for a “Crusade” to make the world one faith. TENS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DIED because one small body of people FEARED another.  Was it about ‘Faith’??


It was about money and power…the same as it is today. One small body wanted more power, more money, and more control…the same as it is today.

Silly people…don’t they realize that what is right for one is not right for another? What one person believes to be true is not what another will believe even if FORCED to?

If only just the people who start the wars who FOUGHT the wars, it would be simpler..but instead it is not…it is soldiers, not politicians who feel the sting of these things…it is the common bystander.

Do you think Joe Schmo gives a HOOT as to who worships what God? Do you think Joe Average cares in the LEAST how a person bows before a Divinity? Joe there is trying to put food on his family’s table..to ensure his kids have a roof over their head…clothes on their back.

So when a bomb lands on Joe and his house, destroying everything, he is considered “Collateral Damage” and is quickly forgotten by the old men in expensive clothes.

Sure, they tout his name, the tragedy that befell him, and use that to further their OWN goals.

WE ARE NOT ‘COLLATERAL’…we are not property that can be used in exchange for money or power! For that, by basic definition, is what COLLATERAL IS.

These groups of leaders tout faith, or patriotism, and simple minded Joe thinks it is his duty to serve his country and further the ideals of such…he believes he is doing something heroic, noteworthy, or important in the great scheme of things…he is so BRAINWASHED that he does not stop to think “Is this right? Should we be doing this?”. And so Joe picks up his weapon and goes out to do his “patriotic duty”, forgetting that if the shoe was on the other foot HE would be the ‘enemy’ for someone else.

And yet, once the dust settles, or he dies, do the governments, or religious leaders even know his name? Do they remember him, the individual, who gave all? No…they put up memorials, or statues, and then move along to the NEXT goal THEY have in mind.

Invisible lines on a map, boys and girls…that is all it is. We fight because someone wants their own little stretch of land.

We cannot see that there is enough land for EVERYONE…so why the need to take someone else’s? Because, again, it has what we don’t or what we want….

We act as though this planet is forever…that we are it’s masters. We ravage, and destroy, and corrupt this planet like we have another one to go to. We have depleted the air, the water, the minerals, the soil so badly that it is refusing to grow enough food to sustain even the basics of food for it’s people.

We set off bombs, launch rockets, and soak the ground in so much blood that it will not yield a single bloom.

Take my word for it, ladies and gentlemen, that if we listen to our faith then we believe that “God will come”…yes, my faith tells me so….but if we are WRONG…because who is to say other than OURSELVES that WE are right, we will not need God to come and wipe the Earth clean….we will have done so before the next century passes.

We will have, in effect, done His job for Him.

If the human race winked out of existence (now more of a FACT than a work of science fiction) do you think the universe would even blink? Would the stars stop spinning? Would the sun simply say “Well, no sense in shining now, there is no one to see me”? …GET REAL.

How is it we cannot just BE..? How is it that we cannot say “this is what I believe in, and this is what YOU believe in and it is all good”?? How is it that I, a simple man, can embrace others of different faiths, or politics,or races and say “Brother”. Show them the courtesy I too wish to be treated with, sit at the same table, eat the same meal, and share the same laughter with them, yet ENTIRE NATIONS cannot do the same? I do not force my faith onto them…nor try to persuade them into believing as I do…I simply LET THEM BE and embrace them as EQUALS instead of ENEMIES.

Do you realize we, as a race, have consistently been at war since history began.

We have, since recorded time, been trying to pound OUR faith into another’s life…trying to make them believe what we believe…or they to us…since THE WORLD WAS YOUNG.

Will it ever end?

Sure it will.

When the land is so polluted that nothing grows..when the animals are gone, and those that remain are scavengers…when the water no longer purifies itself, or we cannot because it is so corrupted by our waste…when the land no longer will produce a single crop…and people, yes, those same idiots, sit on a throne of gold and there is no one left to bow to them because they have all died off from starvation, or disease, or war…THEN it will end.

Dear God…if You do not come and fulfill Your prophecy we may not be here for You to save.