(By Friar J.L. Wallace, Mendicant Friar, humble servant of God, and avid shoe wearer)

1) GET SLEEP…sleep is the most important activity you can do, it helps maintain your body and ease your troubled mind for a while.

2) DO NOT GET ATTACHED TO POSESSIONS!… There are many things in this world that can happen. They can break, get damaged, lost, stolen, or mislplaced. If you love them more than you love your fellow man, you need to rethink your life.

3) ALWAYS TRY TO COMPLIMENT AT LEAST ONE PERSON A DAY….People are there in the trenches of life WITH you, and sometimes a simple compliment can make their ENTIRE day not seem worthless, so encourage someone…it may just turn their lives around.

4) NEVER CRITICIZE SOMEONE FOR THEIR CHOICE…be it life, looks, music, movies, books, or politics, we ALL have our own choices in life to make. Each of us also has to deal with the consequences of our choices as well. Your criticism cannot change their minds, only harden their hearts.

5) OFFER ADVICE WHENEVER POSSIBLE…People always need variety. It could be that they themselves have not thought of the angle to a problem you have, and even if they reject your advice NOW, who is to say it may not come in handy later??


7) BE PATIENT WITH EACH OTHER… Not everyone is as quick to a point as you are. Sometimes they just need to take it at THEIR pace to get to the finish, it does not mean they are slow…just perhaps YOU are too fast!

8) FIND SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN….Faith is the greatest attribute a person can have. It gives you morals, scruples, and a sense of greater being. Even if you can find no Deity to believ in, at LEAST believe in YOURSELF.

9) FALL IN LOVE WHENEVER POSSIBLE…For some it is shoes, or for some: chocolate, others books, still others it is “that one person” who completes them…whatever you do, ALWAYS find SOMETHING (or someone) to love…it gives your life completion, goals, and a sense of belonging to someone or something besides your own self.

10) NEVER MAKE PLANS MORE THAN A WEEK IN ADVANCE…This world is hectic, trying, and sometimes downright evil. A person never knows when they fall asleep at night if they will wake up in the morning. So do not make long reaching plans because NOTHING in this life is promised, merely assumed.

11) HAVE A MOMENT TO YOURSELF EVERY DAY….Each and every day you need to find at least ONE HOUR where it is just YOU. This allows you to contemplate your life, your choices, and your directions.

12) BECOME LEARNED… Watch a play, go to a museum, read a good book (I can suggest ONE! LOL!) but whatever you do, try to fill your head or heart with a CLASSIC piece of knowledge at least once in your life that you will always remember. Do not just read it and dismiss it, PONDER IT!

13) DO NOT READ TOO MUCH INTO THE WAYS OF OTHERS…they may simply be off, or slightly crazy, either way they are only as God made them. Your life is just that, YOUR LIFE….theirs equally so.

14) NEVER LOOK BEHIND…your past is there, yes, like everyone elses. Looking back only reminds you of either failures, regrets, or sorrows. If you look back, they have a chance to catch up to you and drag you BACK to their woes.

15) NEVER REGRET YOUR DECISIONS… even if you fall flat on your face, you STILL can use it as a learning experience…hence why asking advice of friends or family is ALWAYS encouraged! They may have been there, and can help!

16) DANCE…you may look a fool, or feel like one, but shuffling your body to music is both excercise AND fun. It frees up the emotions from all the burdens of the day. So, turn up the music, pop in a groove, and SHAKE IT!

17) DO NOT BE CONCERNED WITH HOW OTHERS SEE YOU…Your life, your choices, NOT THEIR BUSINESS. Even if you wear orange and purple socks and a scarf in summer, YOU need to be comfortable..not them. (see 18!)

18) Your life = YOUR LIFE… Do not compare yourself to others, nor try to emulate another persons life. Their path may not be for your feet. Strike out on your own and find YOUR way of living that YOU are comfortable with, and leave them to theirs.

19) LEAVE THE BEATEN PATH WHENEVER YOU CAN… sometimes in the journey of life we get into the ruts and forget that there is an ENTIRE WORLD out there. Leave the beaten path every once in a while so you can EXPERIENCE life, not just live it.

20) GO SOMEWHERE YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN… a foriegn country, a different part of your city, or even into a shop you never been into before. Exploration leads to discovery…who knows, you may find what you are looking for there! (also ties in nicely with 19!)

21) EAT ICE CREAM…few things in life can lift the human spirit like a good ice cream (err… CHOCOLATE ALSO WORKS!!) Sometimes we just need a lift, and I can think of NO ONE who has EVER eaten an ice cream angrily!

22) TRY SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY…be it food, or a stretch of road you never drove on before. This world is filled with AMAZING things, and all it takes is resolve to experience them.

23) AVOID CONFRONTATION WHENEVER POSSIBLE…people LOVE to argue and you do not need that in your life. If someone wants to thrust their opinion onto you and make you do as they want, kindly smile and nod, then walk away. They are not worth the salt in your tears if they cannot see your side of YOUR life.

24) GIVE GENEROUSLY…food, time, money, clothes…it makes no difference. To you it may just be an old sweater or blanket laying in the closet, but to someone without one, it may be the difference between living happily, or suffering in despair.

25) ALWAYS WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING… this world can blindside you in an instant. Never take ANYTHING for granted or assume that just because it HAS been there that it WILL be there the next day. (see number 2!!)

26) NEVER HOLD BACK…the only thing that keeps you from life is YOU. In order to say “I’ve done that’ you actually HAVE to DO it. So, take a deep breath, squelch that lump of fear, and JUMP!

27) REGRET NOTHING… when you get old, you will want to look back at your life and say you have FILLED it. So, bungee jump, parasail, go skiing, SURF, run a marathon, or simply go up to that cute person and ask them out…who knows, they may be the one your looking for!

28) LAUGH WHENEVER POSSIBLE, EVEN IF IT IS AT YOURSELF…Laughter lightens the soul, and it lessens the woes. Even if it IS at a dirty joke, laughter can bring you back to a centering of your soul and a lessening of your problems!

Finally, NEVER BERATE YOURSELF… there are plenty of people out there willing to beat you up emotionally. If someone is trying to bring you down, lift your head up high, flip them off, and walk away knowing YOU have BETTER things to do in life. You have too much living to do in such a short space of time as allowed on this planet, beating yourself up will do nothing more than bunge you up inside and you will lose the plot…which is easy to explain: LIFE IS MEANT TO BE LIVED…NOT MERELY EXISTED IN…so encourage yourself at every opportunity.

But then again, this is just MY advice…

Peace be with you….Friar Jeff.

One thought on “MY TAKE ON IT: 29 JANUARY, 2013

  1. Dani-Mouse says:

    Wish I had seen this ALOT sooner… ❤

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